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Birding at Green Hills

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The complex relationship between the "Holstein" butterfly (Heliconius sapho), its food plant and its pollen source



Green Hills is managed as a Private Protected Area

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Botanical Collection

2009 Renovation of the Botanical Collection

Volunteer assistance:

After many years, the Green Hills Botanical Collection was in need of a re-vamp. There was a need to signpost certain species that guests always inquired after, others just needed a fresh coat of paint. Consequently the most visible component of the ongoing renovation of the botanical collection is the preparation of new signs.

On August 3, 2009 Green Hills Butterfly Ranch and Botanical Collection was visited by the St. Petersburg College of Clearwater, Florida. Under the direction of instructors Mark Peebles and Jim Wallis, the students leant a hand in the preparation of new signs

When the student arrived, pre-cut plycem boards were already waiting for them. Also we had prepared computer printouts of the scientific and common names. These printouts then were traced onto the plycem and then the names were painted on. Painstaking work!

But many hands make light work and in no time, many signs were ready. But first the paint needed to dry


Holes for the sign posts needed to be dug. Sounds simple but the soil at Green Hills is either very sticky clay or laced with stones

But soon enough, the first signs could be screwed onto the posts. One down, 120 more to follow!

At the moment an illustrated guide of the Botanical Collection is under preparation. This guide will initially be made available to tour guides as an educational tool.

Thanks to:

Mark Peebles, Jim Wallis, Shyiesha Carson, Cynthia Shaver, Eden Garms, Kimberly Marrazzo, Emelle Tunceren, Stefanie Farris, Jessica Reich, Dane Supple, Tyler Johnson, Melissa Frazho, Brandon Kelter and Alex Pearson.


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